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Diwali is not just a day but a season. Adorn yourselves in the finest clothes, illuminate your homes with lamps and candles, and pray for prosperity. We bring you Shan Diwali Thali, an array of products you can use to make delicious food and sweets for your loved ones. Nominate someone who deserves a smile on his or her face during this Diwali season. We will pack and deliver this Thali on your behalf.

Nominate a Loved one now Shan Diwali Thali

Nominate a person who you think deserves a Shan Diwali Thali this year & tell us why.

Fill in the details of the person, and every Friday we will do a draw.

If your nominated person wins, we will inform you and announce their names through an email.

We will pack Shan Diwali Thali and ship it to them on your behalf. We are spreading joy all around this Diwali. All this is for free!


Shan Diwali Thali

This Diwali, Shan is offering special discounts & free shipments, prepare for Diwali by ordering Shan Diwali Thali for yourself or gift it to a love one. We will pack it and ship it for free.

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