Spicy Holidays Saver Box

Spicy Holidays Saver Box

Product Description

Spice up your Holidays, bring out the CHEF in you, experiment, enhance and endorse your cooking skills.This spice box will change your taste buds forever. You save $50+ on this pack.


Spicy Holiday Box contains mouth watering recipe mixes like Butter Chicken, Tandoori Masala, Tikka & Kebabs. A wide range of Biryanis, Chutneys, Pastes and Plain spices. Top it up with deserts. A complete family feast.


You save $50+ (Product Discount $20 + $25 Sephora Gift Card + Free Shipping)

USD $59.99

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Chicken cravings on Meaty Eid? Shan brings you the most tantalizing recipe of Chicken Tikka to entice your taste buds for a yummilicious experience.

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